How-to-Raise-Fitness-to-Practice-ComplaintThis section gives an outline of the IAPT Fitness to Practice process, including how to raise a complaint and the next steps after a complaint is raised.

What is Fitness to Practice?

Fitness to practice is a label used to describe the process where we ensure that a member of the IAPT is fit to practice, and should a therapist’s fitness to practice be questioned, the process in which this is investigated and dealt with.

When a therapist is fit to practice we expect that they have the skills, knowledge and character to perform their role as a Physical Therapist and we expect that they maintain the highest standard of professional practice. However fitness to practice also includes acts that may affect the public’s safety or confidence in Physical Therapy but may be not directly linked to directly their profession.

If one of our members falls below the standards set out in our code of conduct we will investigate the matter.

Raising a Fitness to Practice Complaint

Fitness to practice complaints can be raised by any member of the public, employers, Gardaí and other professionals.

If you raise a fitness to practice complaint to us it will be dealt with in a fair and professional manner. You will be provided with the contact details of a member from our fitness to practice committee who will provide you with updates on the case, and whom you can contact with additional queries.