Prevention Is Better Than A CurePrevention-7

Your Therapist can work with you to build a rehabilitation and exercise programs to suit your needs and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Below are some sample exercise programs;

  • Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises for the Lower Body
  • More to follow….



Dynamic Warm-Up (DWU) Exercise

Dynamic warm-up (DWU) exercises have been shown to be very effective in preparing the body for exercise and enhancing performance. As opposed to static warm-up (SWU) stretches which are more beneficial as a warm-down after exercise. Dynamic exercises warm up the muscles and fire up the nerves enhancing motor ability and preparing the body for vigorous movement. They also prepare and focus the mind for the task ahead.

How Many and When?
Ideally these should be performed for 5-10 minutes before commencing exercise. They should be done on the move, repeating each exercise 10-15 times. The exercises shown are sample dynamic warm-up exercises for the lower body, targeting the major lower body muscles.

Note:If you are experiencing pain on exercise, stop immediately.