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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects us many at some stage of our life. There are many causes of pain in the lower back, diagnosis and treatment can be complex.


Your IAPT Physical Therapist is an expert in the assessment and treatment of back pain and will accompany you through your treatment journey.


The therapeutic process will start with the therapist making a comprehensive assessment of your condition.


Over the following weeks you therapist will treat you, lengthening and strengthening muscles and unlocking and mobilising joints and lessening your level of discomfort.


Your therapist will also attend to the deeper causes of your issue, examining work environment, ergonomics, posture and other factors which are causing your lower back pain.


As your treatment progresses your therapist will give you progressively more challenging exercises.


As you move through to end of your treatment your therapist will always be there to help and guide you in maintaining good health.

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