The Irish Association of Physical Therapists has welcomed the recent decision of the Minster for Health to introduce a new regulatory regime for Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists….. Read our Pres release and the Ministers Decision here

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The Irish Association of Physical Therapists is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of the discipline and practice of Physical Therapy in Ireland. The Association will ensure standards of professional excellence are upheld by its members, while driving recognition of the discipline of Physical Therapy as a means of enhancing musculoskeletal health and well-being among the Irish population.

  • Champion the role of Physical Therapy in modern healthcare in Ireland
  • Inform the public of the benefits of Physical Therapy
  • Support our members in providing the highest quality care
  • Foster professional ongoing learning

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Neck and shoulder pain are increasingly common problems and can cause immense discomfort and are very debilitating.


Upper back pain, shoulder and neck pain are often related and linked to poor posture or repetitive actions. Laptop posture is increasingly a common source of back and neck pain.


Whiplash from car accidents or falls can also lead to chronic neck pain.


Your physical therapist is skilled as addressing neck pain causes and will assess the client to identify the fundamental causes of their discomfort.


Treatment will involve lengthening those muscles which are tight, strengthening those which are weak to relieve pain as well as improving  joint motion….


…. and improving posture.


Allowing you to get back to what matters in life.


Lower back pain affects us many at some stage of our life. There are many causes of pain in the lower back, diagnosis and treatment can be complex.


Your IAPT Physical Therapist is an expert in the assessment and treatment of back pain and will accompany you through your treatment journey.


The therapeutic process will start with the therapist making a comprehensive assessment of your condition.


Over the following weeks you therapist will treat you, lengthening and strengthening muscles and unlocking and mobilising joints and lessening your level of discomfort.


Your therapist will also attend to the deeper causes of your issue, examining work environment, ergonomics, posture and other factors which are causing your lower back pain.


As your treatment progresses your therapist will give you progressively more challenging exercises.


As you move through to end of your treatment your therapist will always be there to help and guide you in maintaining good health.